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Every year on June 1, Ukraine and the world celebrate the International Children's Day, which is called upon to draw attention to the protection of the rights of the child. On November 26, 1924, the Fifth Assembly of the League of Nations in Geneva adopted the Geneva Declaration of the Rights of... Read more »
The following story comes from Gulf Coast Storks in Southwest Florida. The gynecologist put her hand on mine as she told me I was pregnant. I was in shock. I couldn’t have a baby right now with everything that was happening in my life—large work commitments, a possible wedding in the future, and my... Read more »
Medical or pharmaceutical abortion means the termination of pregnancy caused by drugs instead of surgical abortion. Such type of abortion was first done in the US in 2000 as a "softer", "gentler" form of abortion, termination of pregnancy in the early stages,  8  through 10 weeks. Now it is often... Read more »
The woman  experiencing crisis pregnancy needs support more than ever. Even if she has been left by her boyfriend, someone in this world could support her to make the right decision to choose life, and she is sure to choose it. Crisis pregnancy is characterized by diversity, inconsistency and a... Read more »
"To give birth to children is a matter of nature, but to educate them and bring up in virtues is a matter of mind and will.” (John Chrysostom) Lessons on education of children from birth to five years old, will help you become more loving and confident parents. We will introduce you to the theory... Read more »
Women all over the world are subjected to various forms of discrimination, including pregnancy tests during job placement and dismissal of pregnant women. Find out what the rights of pregnant women in Ukraine an employer is required to observe and what rights of the patient she has. At School of... Read more »
Who's in charge of your life? Who's to blame when things don't go according to plan? Is it you? Or do you have a habit of pointing the finger outward whenever you find yourself in an unpleasant situation? If you can't take the blame when things go wrong, then you have no power to make things go... Read more »
Step one: Don't talk to your daughter about her body, except to teach her how it works. Don't say anything if she's lost weight. Don't say anything if she's gained weight. If you think your daughter's body looks amazing, don't say that. Here are some things you can say instead: "You look so healthy... Read more »
Women, we need to be careful about how we are caring for our husbands and marriages. Here are just a few ways you might be unknowingly destroying your husband and killing your marriage. 1. Living outside of what you can afford A wise old woman from my church congregation once advised: "The best... Read more »
Each moment in our day we have the choice to be present. Our children will not only benefit from it, but we will reap the rewards. Sing "This Little Piggie Went to Market" as you put on your child’s socks. Make eye contact when your child asks you a question. Use different voices when reading a... Read more »


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