From the history of children's defence day

Every year on June 1, Ukraine and the world celebrate the International Children's Day, which is called upon to draw attention to the protection of the rights of the child.

On November 26, 1924, the Fifth Assembly of the League of Nations in Geneva adopted the Geneva Declaration of the Rights of the Child. It consisted of five main provisions aimed, among other things, against child labor and slavery, the sale of children and the prostitution of minors. In Ukraine, the Children's Day was created by Presidential Decree No. 568/98 of May 30, 1998, "On the Day of Child Protection." Everyone agrees that the inviolability of man and his right to life are central among human rights. It has several aspects, including the right to its preservation and disposal. Today it sounds more urgent than ever, especially when it comes to children, because a child is a person and the most valuable thing that he has is life. Unfortunately, the world still considers the question when life begins.

The answer to It determines when a person becomes a subject of law. As soon as polemics about when life begins start, it becomes necessary to clarify the terms. Let us turn to two basic concepts: "living" and "human". The term "living" means that a certain being grows, develops, matures, rejects and replaces the dying cells. In other words, being alive means not being dead. By the term "human" is meant a bio-logical being belonging to the species " Homo sapyens ". Such beings differ from others in that they have a unique set of chromosomes in each cell. Thus, considering the question: "Does every person have a fundamental right to be born and should this right be protected by law? ", we can draw the following conclusion: in order to fight for the rights of man, it is necessary to pay attention to these rights of the unborn child. In accordance with the above definitions of the terms" living "and" man, "the infant in the womb possesses both qualities . He has a heartbeat on day 20, he grows, develops, he has new cells, all working organs and systems. Each cell of it has a certain set of chromosomes, corresponding to the kind of beings called "Homo sapyens ".

Unfortunately, on the day of child protection, we are talking only about the rights of already born children. Maybe it's time to remember that the most vulnerable - not yet born children - need our protection !!

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