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Izmail Life Care Center began its work in September of 2006, but it started long before that.
I was studying at a Teacher’s Training college where the majority of the students were girls. Later working as a teacher at school where you have mostly female teachers, I observed to my dismay that many women would easily choose abortion in case of unplanned pregnancy and not hide this fact. I had a desire to tell them about the cruelty and the harm that abortion does, but I didn’t know what to say and how to say that.

Later, visiting a friend of mine in the US I learned about Crisis Pregnancy Centers and I was able to visit some of them, and I received the training to be a future volunteer. When I came back home I translated the Handbook for training volunteers into Russian which I used to train the team of volunteers to counsel women in crisis pregnancy. We started counseling women after they learned the results of their pregnancy test that they were able to have at our Life Care Center.

Since that time about 1000 women have come to the center. Among them are students, high school students, teachers, pregnant women and the members of their families, doctors, pastors, women who needed support and rehabilitation. We offer help to anyone despite of their family or social, religious or financial status.

The Life Care Center is governed by a Committee of Trustees consisting of 9 people. Among them is a physician, a gynecologist, a pastor, missionaries and teachers. Their experience and desire helps us to make decisions concerning the statutes and the policy of the LCC, and also overseeing and control.

The Staff

The executive director, Snezhana Popova has a Specialist degree in Teaching and and is working on a higher education degree in Theology. She completed a 3 month course in “Family Counseling” and “The Basics of Medical knowledge of Pregnancy and Delivery”, “Breast Feeding” at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. She completed the course and received the certificate allowing her to train volunteers in order to teach abstinence from sex outside of marriage at S.A.F.E.

The subdirector, Angela Berezinskaya is a social worker and an expert in raising adopted children and foster children not only theoretically but in practice, because her family is also a foster family.

The teacher of the curriculum “Abstinence from Sex Outside Marriage”, Natalya Kolomiets also works as an English teacher at Izmail Maritime Institute and has a lot of experience in communication with high-school students and university students. Because of her work and the work of a team of volunteers about 1200 students learn about consequences of sex outside marriage, STDs and discuss such topics as cohabiting, mature relationships and other topics every school year.

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