Support groups for young parents
We offer fellowship/support for mothers with children of different ages (0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12 months and older) where they can discuss essential topics about the children.

At support groups you’ll be able to meet other mother who experience joys and problems raising their children similar to yours and you’ll have an opportunity to encourage one another. The staff of the Center will provide the information that you need.
“School for Moms”
A 2 month course at the “School for Moms” will help you understand what to expect during pregnancy, delivery and post-delivery, you’ll gain valuable parenting skills.

Our lessons are interesting, fun, and useful.

Our desire is to help your family have a sense of confidence and we want you to enjoy raising your kids.
Free pregnancy tests
The pregnancy test that you can get at our Center is one of the most modern and accurate tests. After finding out the results of your test you can talk to a trained volunteer in a confidential and pleasant setting. The information and support that you’ll get will help you make a right choice concerning your future.

If you decide to have a pregnancy test too early, it may not give you an accurate answer because there is not enough hCG in the urine by that time. We recommend you to have the test on the 2nd or 3rd day after a missed period.
Parents and sexual education of their children
We offer discussions for parents on sexual education in the family. We’ll help you to choose when it is the right time and how to speak with children about sex. We’ll give you the information and the statistics about STDs and the consequences of sex before marriage.

We’ll tell the parents of teenagers what to expect and how to prepare your children for puberty. We offer discussions to groups of parents as well as individual counseling.

Welcome to Izmail Life Care Center

The difficulties associated with an unplanned pregnancy cause a lot of pressure on a woman. She has to make hard/serious decisions. Abortion may seem like the only solution/way out of the problem.

Izmail Life Care Center is a non-profit organization where Christian volunteers are willing to support and help women with unplanned pregnancies.

The Izmail Life Care Center workers understand the stress that a woman in crisis pregnancy is going through. They are trained to caringly give her counsel, spiritual and material help.

We believe that human life is precious and the welfare of the mother is as important as that of the baby.

All the services at the Izmail Life Care Center are free of charge and confidential.
т:(38)(04841)5-49-93 ; (38)067-112-8-112
or fill contact form

We realize that an unplanned pregnancy is a big challenge and we desire to help.

Before Christmas Izmail Life Care Center held an action "Help the Child" among the former clients of our organization. Christmas is time when everyone gets presents like many years ago baby Jesus was brought presents from wise men. From that time on we are trying to give all the relatives... Read more »
On the 29-30th of October in Khmelnitsky the Pro-life seminar was held. The representatives of different Christian denominations got together in the cozy conference room of hotel "Tsentralny" to discuss very important topics concerning the value and sanctity of human life. The first speaker, the... Read more »
On the 20-22 of October Marriage and Family conference was held in Izmail. The seminar was organized by Izmail Life Care Center. Pastor Paul Alexander was the main speaker. The practical theme of the Seminar is the rebirth of the tradition of family worship as a foundation of a strong family. The... Read more »
It's not easy to speak with teenagers on their level and often we fail in our attempts to communicate with them. As parents, we want our children to enter into adulthood/adolescence with confidence and wisdom. Enjoying the adolescent period while helping our children become independent and... Read more »
Katerina Oliynyk, Yana Pasichna, and Natalya Gorbarenko took part in the 2-day training course, with practical elements, "Crisis Pregnancy Counseling". It took place in Izmail on June, 30th through July, 3rd, 2010. The training was done by qualified counselors Snezhana Popova, Natalya Kolomiets,... Read more »
On June 27, there is a holiday in Ukraine - The Youth Day. On this day LCC has carried out the festival "White Ribbon". The aim of the action was the defence of unborn babies, the prevention of abortion and risky behavior among teenagers, the revival of family values. There was a quiz among teens "... Read more »
On the 22-23 of May in the building of Christian Clinic in Belgorod-Dnestrovski two day training for volunteers of crisis pregnancy was held by staff members of Izmail Lfe Care Center. Volunteers from Reni and Izmail got together a hospitable and cozy place where a lot of material was covered in a... Read more »
On the 21 of May in Belgorod -Dnestrovski another Conference "We are for life" was held by the volunteers of Izmail Life Care Center. We were invited by Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Belgorod. Abortions and the lack of sexual education in the families, STDs and multiple sexual contacts have... Read more »
On the 3-5 of May the staff and volunteers of Izmail Life Care Center were able to take part in the seminar held by Psychological Counseling Center "Springs" in Odessa. The guest speaker – professional and licensed counselor, Langston Haygood taught on different topics like: "Family counseling,... Read more »
On April 24 the volunteers of the Life Care Center were invited to Reni with the purpose of holding the conference "We are pro-life" in the building of one of the local protestant churches. There is a group of ladies who would like to start a Center like a Life Care Center in their town and they... Read more »


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