Active sex before marriage has its emotional consequences

Active sex before marriage has its emotional consequences:
1. It leads to egoistic tendencies and doesn't let develop the abilities to love unconditionally.
2. Develops bad features of the character. Some people have to lie to urge another person to have sex with him.
3. It slows down personal growth of a person. It may distract the teenager from important tasks of developing mature personality, preparing for a family life and gaining professional experience.
4. Premarital sex leads to shame and self accusation. More than half of young people regretted their sexual activity later.
5. Premarital sex lowers self esteem and self respect.
6. As a result of sexual activity before marriage young people loose the believe that one can be loved as unique and the only person.
7. Unstable relationships lead to anxieties.
8. Relationships tied by sex lead to emotional dependency and unsuccessfully high expectations.

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