Support groups for young parents

We offer fellowship/support for mothers with children of different ages (0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12 months and older) where they can discuss essential topics about the children.

  • “Sensory organs and brain development of infants”
  • “Introducing the child to solid food and the rules of its introduction”
  • “Problems with behavior of children at the age older than 12 months and its correction”

At support groups you’ll be able to meet other mother who experience joys and problems raising their children similar to yours and you’ll have an opportunity to encourage one another. The staff of the Center will provide the information that you need.

The information about the dates of Support groups you’ll find in our calendar! Format A4

Join the Support Group!

Call to find the location and time when the Group meets.

8 067-1128112

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