You are unique

After teaching the abstinence material "you are unique " to the students of local school we ask them the question what they liked about the lecture and here what they write.

I liked the lecture very much. I think that such lectures are very needed. It was rather interesting and teaching. I learned a lot of new and useful information which I am going to use in my life.

This lecture had a good impact on me. I have discovered a lot of useful information for myself in it which i am going to use in future. I am glad that such a lecture was presented to us! It changed my point of view considerably.

I liked the way the information was presented and the quality of it. I wish such lectures would be presented more often.

I liked the information and the sincerity it was presented with. Not every one can present such information with such openness except for the mother, the most important person in life.

I loved the lecture and think that such information has to presented in the school curriculum not only extra. Only than the students will be able to choose the right direction in life. I liked the videos which were shown during the presentation. They show the actuality of the problem of the early sexual relationships and their consequences.

I liked the lecture. It teaches a lot, helps to understand that sex is a serious part of life and helps to make a right decision about it: to wait until marriage.

I think that such information is very useful for the youth, that we could learn a lesson on somebody else's mistakes and not to make so many of our own. I wish we could hear such information more often.

I am thrilled! I wish to hear such affirming information more often.

Something to think,about.....

Very informative. I liked the visual aid too.

After listening to the lecture i have made a decision to abstain from sex before marriage.

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