Work with youth and students in Izmail

Five years have passes since Izmail Life Care Center started teaching abstinence programs in high schools and other establishments of the city. On the first of September we have started a new school year. We are thankful to the Representatives of the City department of Education that seeing the problems teenagers face they cooperate with us in this needed work.

We also thank the principals of local schools for taking part in this important work. The purpose of our mutual work is to explain the youth that there is a way to emotional and physical safety through abstaining from early sexual relationships and that this time in their life they can spend studying and planning their future life.

Looking at the feedback of the teenagers we hope that information we share with them will help some to change point of view on their sexuality and approve others in their decision to abstain from sex before marriage. Sexual education is aimed at improvement of self esteem, teaching decision making according to one's principals and values, preventing dangerous behavior, unplanned pregnancies and abortions.

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