Work with students is going on

For the past 10 years Izmail Life Care Center has been doing preventive work with schoolchildren and students of the city.

The subjects of the classes are used taking into account the requests of the administrations of schools, secondary special educational establishments and universities. Among the most popular topics are "Problems of early pregnancy", "Prevention of abortion", "Cohabitation" for "and" Against "," Sexually transmitted diseases "," Family and family values."

Youth's health - physical, emotional and spiritual - is an important component of the social, cultural and economic development of society. Thanks to the work of volunteers, the level of youth's awareness of the main aspects of a healthy lifestyle is increasing every year. We give them knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases, physical consequences of their choices, possible infertility due to the diseases and abortions as well as talk about the emotional and spiritual consequences of the choice made at an early age.
"We are proud of our high school and University students who amaze us with wisdom, desire to make the right decisions about their own lives and the lives of their future children, "says Nelya Ivanenko, volunteer of the Izmail Care Center.
Lectures are accompanied by video films and handouts, situational games and discussions. Our lessons are aimed at creating a healthy lifestyle, instilling a style of behavior to preserve the reproductive health of young people, their ability to make mature decisions.

On October 5, 2017, an interactive conversation was held with the second year students at the Izmail University of Humanities. The topic of the conversation: "The consequences of irresponsible sex." About 40 students were present. We were impressed by a warm, open atmosphere, and the way students openly and sincerely expressed their opinions. Thanks to the leadership of the University, which worries and cares about the future of the youth.

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