We celebrated the world holiday "Mother's Day" in Izmail Life Care Center

In May 2017, we celebrated the world holiday "Mother's Day" in Izmail Life Care Center. This time we decided to invite unusual mothers of unusual children, mothers of girls and boys with disabilities.

We really wanted to arrange this day for them in a special way. Our personal acquaintance with them has been going on for more than three years, but we started the celebration just by getting acquainted with Life Care Center, as many did not quite know what we are doing and what are the goals of our social organisation. We told the women about the directions of our work, about our volunteers and projects.

We really wanted that on that day they would think and talk only about themselves. All the women responded with joy and trembling to questions about their childhood, about their school years, their favourite clothes and children's friendship, their pets and many other things that could affect their hearts. And, of course, we talked about gifts: what was their most special gift and what they would like to receive as a gift. In continuation, we held a win-win lottery for women with gift certificates.

The center is very grateful to all the masters who provided their services free of charge. This is Starostenko Svetlana (master of manicure and pedicure), Olga Likhovaida (certified masseur), Gonchar Alisa (qualified cosmetologist and volunteer of our center), Anastasia Ilosh (professional photographer), Zabolotnaya Anna (yoga instructor and volunteer of our center).

And, of course, the most important and priceless gift was and is the love of God, which was spoken about by the pastor of one of the churches of Izmail, Gennady. He told them words of gratitude and support. He said that God gave them a special gift to love and accept their children the way they are.

Another part of our program was very encouraging to all moms. We asked them to answer the question "What advice would you give to a mother with a special need child?" We suggested that they write a response and publish them on the pages of our website. Each mother, who has a child with a disability and goes through state of confusion, pain, resentment and anxiety can find support by reading the advice of these moms.

We finished our holiday with a tea party and a cake, flowers and gifts made by hands of their children, children with disabilities, whose possibilities do not cease to surprise us.

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