Volunteers go to Lviv

Christian organization of Nova Nadia conducted training for those who work with youth and adolescents in educational establishments.

Volunteers from the Izmail Life Care Center Nelya Ivanenko, Jana Pestrikova and Anna Zabolotnaya went on such a long and fascinating journey for new knowledge. "Preparation, organization, diverse approaches, hospitality - this is what impressed us," the volunteers enthusiastically shared about the trip. But one more fact impressed them very much, that most of the trainees were men. It's so wonderful and right when men worry about the younger generation and do something to help them make the right choices in life to avoid mistakes.

Well, now, having received such a baggage of knowledge, certificates, and most importantly - a new inspiration, we rush forward to the goal of implementing new lessons in Izmal schools, in which we have been teaching sex education curriculum for 10 years.

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