The trip to Lutsk

On the 1 of November 2013 the representatives of Izmail Life Care Center visited the city of Lutsk with educational purposes. In this cosy and roomy city there is a Center like ours, called Women's help center "Eve". The word "Eve" means "life" in Hebrew. Women whose lives were changed by God serve in this center to families, youth, helping them to choose life in crisis situations. We were able to take part in their ministry for life.

We were able to demonstrate how to use a panel discussion to teach abstinence and decision making to the students of local Pedagogical college. The panel discussion is called " I am in love, what's next?" Were were helped by a dating couple from Lutsk who shared their testimony of abstaining from sex before marriage. The students were offered to answer questions and participate in the discussion about love, relationships,sex outside of marriage and its consequences. The panel discussion was accompanied by watching the video clips and their discussion. The students also saw the video clip of the song about family values sung by two of the local experts who happened to be singers.

The same evening in one of the big local churches we held educational seminar on teaching abstinence programs to the youth, discussed the problem of sex addiction, and showed one of the ways how to sex educate the parents of teens.

Next morning we visited the local medieval castle, ancient Catholic church where we listened to the sermon on beatitudes.
We remembered the trip due to the absence of obstacles, hospitality and beauty of sisters' relationships.

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