From a student to the teacher

Three years ago Tatiana graduated from the "School for Moms" in Izmail Life Care Center.

Having received new knowledge in our courses and having established herself in the already existing one, Tanya became a wonderful mother for her son who is a toddler now . At the moment, when she has more free time, Tanya offered her help to our Center.

Having gone herself through the road of birth, caring for the newborn and breastfeeding she is the best person who can understand the experiences of young expectant mothers. As a student, Tanya impressed with her curiosity, ability to support the conversation, correctly and ethically express her point of view. And, now, she has the opportunity to share her experience, knowledge and support with future moms - participants of the project "School for Moms."

This week the first course of 4 classes under Tanya's leadership was completed.
The main emphasis Tanya makes on the development of mother-child attachment, the ability to love her child and believes that the books of Janusz Korczak are mandatory for reading for every mother.

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