Is sexual education of children and adolescents a taboo in our society?

Is the school ready to support parents in this area of ​​personal education? Is the church ready?

We are confident about the importance of early self-development and comprehensive instruction, vocational guidance and communication skills, but we bashfully keep silent about the foundation. "When they grow up - they will find it out for themselves," we think. And they will. From the street, TV and from the Internet. When Parents are ready for an important conversation the child has usually completed all the affairs, and well, if only theoretically.

As we know, often there are exceptions. The Izmail Church "The Well of Living Water" was an exception. Volunteers from the Izmail Life Care Center conducted a lesson for the different ages of church children by invitation of the church leaders. The lesson was conducted in accordance with age and gender in each age group. They told about changes in the body, emotions and relationship of adolescents, the importance of the family for the full-fledged education of children, about the importance of family values, the prevention of abortion and the abstinence from sex before marriage.

Often adults think that telling the truth about this important part of life, will strike on the still fragile psyche of the child or just frighten him. If you know how to do this and what to tell, how much information to provide and at what age, you will not worry about the negative consequences. Unfortunately, a lot of adults themselves do not know the true information, not to mention the methods of teaching such a vital lesson to their children.

The Izmail Life Care Center will come to help you if you hesitate, do not know the information or the ways of presenting it to children. Contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

Часто взрослые думают, что рассказав ребёнку правду об этой важной части жизни, они нанесут удар по ещё неокрепшей психике ребёнка или просто испугают его. Зная, как это сделать и что рассказать, какую часть информации предоставить и в каком возрасте, можно не переживать о негативных последствиях. К сожалению многие взрослые сами не знают истинной информации, не говоря о методиках преподавания такого жизненноввжного урока своим детям.

Центр Заботы о жизни придёт вам на помощь, если вы не решаетесь, не знаете информации или способов её передачи детям. Обратитесь к нам, и мы с удовольствием поможем вам в этом.

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