Production practice is the most important aspect of training future specialists.

Production practice is the most important aspect of training future specialists. The main goal of the production practice is the formation of the students' skills and abilities necessary for translators.

What tasks should the translation practice solve?

Acquaintance with the work of organizations or translation companies;

Elaboration of the translation skills acquired in the learning process;

Mastering terminology;

Mastering the work with modern equipment, computer translation programs;

Formation of the interpreter's behavior model.

During the last 7 years, students - translators of the Izmail Maritime Institute and the State Pedagogical University have been practicing under the Izmail Life Care Center supervision. Popova Snezhana Andreevna, the executive director of this public organization, a graduate of the Izmail Ped University, a translator, helps student interns learn the skills of written translation.

Student translations are used to add to the content of the Life Care Center website, which works in two languages, Russian and English. In the course of the work, students receive assignments for translating pro-life literature, which, in addition to their professional skills, helps them acquire life skills, re-evaluate values ​​and understand that life is the best gift that we can get or give.

This year 4 students were engaged in the practice: Andrei, two Dashas and Tanya. All the youngsters were responsible, industrious and diligent students. Some of them agreed to continue to help the Center if necessary. Two of these students have already passed our practice in the third year of their studies but returned this year to continue their education. We are always glad for new meetings and communication with the city's youth especially if it can positively influence their future.

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