Pro-life Scavenger Hunt

On the last day of September, Izmail Life Care Center , namely one of its directions “Students for Family and life” led by Irina Klimenchenko, carried out the scavenger hunt “We are for Life” between two student teams.

Students of the Marine School and ITEP took part. Their task was to collect 8 envelopes with the information provided for their study, faster than the opponent, and then creatively submit it to an independent jury. Having solved complex riddles, codes and puzzles, Students exchanged their answers to envelopes with important information in support of life: arguments for and against abortion, historical and Biblical quotes in favor of life, how to help a friend in a crisis pregnancy, etc.

We must pay tribute to the creativity and passion with which both teams presented to the jury the results of their knowledge in favor of life: dramatizations, speeches, dialogues and even costumes were used to win.

An independent jury chose the winner with great difficulty, since both teams were on top.

Representatives of the Life Care Center at the summarizing meeting next day decided to reward the second team with the same prize: a gift certificate for bowling.

‘Students for family and life” movement is a new direction in the work of our center. It is aimed at educating young people in the spirit of Christian values: for strong families, informed decisions, support for a crisis pregnancy, inspiration for young mothers combining study and motherhood.

We already work with students in educational establishments through interactive conversations, lectures and consoling cessions but we hope that such events will also become a permanent part of our communication with students.

I thank everyone who helped us: the administration of the Picnic cafe, the workers of all 8 destinations, where the Students received envelopes (for now, we will keep their names confidential :)), all the volunteers of our Center, sponsors, teachers and representatives of schools who accompanied students as well as members of the jury.

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