Moms meet to support and encourage each other

On the 29 of May Izmail Life Care Center hosted a support group of moms with children from 2 to 3 years old. Psychologists admit that this year is very important in the development of child' s personality. Parents need to help children develop individuality at this age. These are the Ten Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Individuality.

Do not compare her to anyone else, including yourself, her siblings, the neighbors, or other children her age.

Accept that he may like many things that you don’t, and that he may hate things you really value and like. Remember that these differences are among the many things that make him special.

Make a list of your child’s talents, preferences and best attributes. Add to this profile whenever possible.

Difficult as it may be, drop your agenda for who (or what) you want this child to be (or become).

Accept your child for who she is and was meant to be.

Examine your attachment to his appearance, interests, preferences and goals. (To what extent do you need him to look or be a certain way so that you feel competent as a parent or validated as a person? To what extent are you embarrassed by—or apologetic for—the choices he makes?)

Encourage her attempts to explore her identity, even though it may seem to take her in some strange directions sometimes.

Quit worrying about what the neighbors (or your relatives) are saying.

Let him select and wear his own clothes. (If he’s young or has a hard time making decisions, you may want to limit the choices. For example, “choose either one of these two sweaters” or “Pick any t-shirt in this drawer.”)

Remember that today’s identity may soon be yesterday’s experiment.

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