Mom ia also a human being

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.-Confucius

​A seminar for women, organized by the Izmail Life Care Center ended with these words of the ancient philosopher.

​We talked about what it means to live with all our heart or with all our soul,because such people, in accordance with the survey, consider themselves happy. We talked about the fact that every mother wants to see her adult child happy,wherein in a real hurry to become a good mother, she loses herself, her happiness.We can not give what we do not have, teach what we do not know ourselves.Happy people, living with all their heart, are not afraid to show it to others, open their souls, be vulnerable.How paradoxical and difficult it may sound, this is the secret of a happy life.Such people have the courage to admit their mistakes, allow themselves to be imperfect.They have compassion for the good to treat themselves and their mistakes,and, on the basis of this, treat other people the same way.As a result of the connection with themselves, they have a connection, closeness with others.

​Seminar participants came to the conclusion that even if we understand and accept the fact that vulnerability is the foundation for happiness, the way to overcome shame and fear in practice is very difficult and to apply this knowledge is even more difficult.After discussing this complex topic, women learned how to train vulnerability and openness,and some even received practical assignments.

​During the meeting we got acquainted with one of the "manifestos" of happy motherhood and we advise every mother to think about creating her own for her children.

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