Longterm relationships with Baby Orphanage

Izmail Life Care Center has established longterm relationships with the kids from baby Orphanage. every week the volunteers of our center meet with them for teaching and fun time. we teach them family values, what the parents would teach their children. We have already talked about wedding, as the beginning of the family, husbands and wives, languages of love. now we are talking about our bodies. the first 5 lessons will be devoted to 5 senses.

We tell them that from the first minutes of life a person perceives reality, or the surrounding world (heat, cold, sounds, light and its other manifestations). All objects around us affect our senses. The organs of human senses are means of receiving signals from the outside world for transmission to the brain.

Such a serious material about the beauty of our body, we try to convey to the children of the Baby Orphanage in an easy and interesting way! What we learned in our childhood from our parents, we pass on to children deprived of parental care.

In this lesson they talked about taste, distinguished the bitter, salty, sweet and sour, made conclusions, how through the organ of taste - tongue, we perceive the world.

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