Intimate conversation with women on probation

During the meeting in the Police Department of Probation, all the girls were married mothers, and we talked about the fact that Femininity is a gift, about how to evaluate your femininity, what this gift means to them? After all, femininity is not “external hair weaving,” not jewelry and makeup. We were born to become a woman, a mother, an example of wisdom and tenderness, an example for our children. For daughters, an example of motherhood, for sons, an example of his future wife.

It depends on us how much we can realize all the responsibility and privilege of being a Woman, and this is femininity, and tenderness, and fidelity, and wisdom, and reliability, and patience, etc.

If the Bible says “housekeeper”, it’s not the one that works at home from dawn to dawn! It’s one that can organize life so that everyone is interested in home improvement and, at the same time, that everyone wants to spend more time with family!

They answered the questions:

What does it mean to be feminine? Who for them is the ideal of femininity from their favorite characters (life, cinema, literature)?

They painted their ideal home;

Then they said they would like to change...

they all want to become Feminine !!!

They all agreed that it is not necessary to be responsible for everything, to smoke, to swear, they all want to speak beautifully, gently and competently!

We learned to smile, walk, talk, even talked about clothes - what should be feminine?

At the end they all prayed. And it was a prayer of repentance. All!!!! They apologized to God for not appreciating the gift of femininity that He gave them. It was very unexpected and touching !!!

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