How i studied in Izmail Life care Center School for Moms


I would like to share my impressions about Izmail Life Care Center ,namely, my studying at their School for moms.

​In the summer of 2016, on the recommendation of my colleague, I was lucky to remember school days and again become a "student", but not in a general education school with 11 years of education, but a School that gives knowledge that extends the boundaries of the worldview and understanding of the meaning of life, which is hidden in family values. This school has a simple, but at the same time comprehensive title- school for Moms.

​The lessons of the School are diverse. Some talk about the upbringing of children and, strangely enough mothers start thinking about themselves, their personal qualities, because everyone knows that children reflect the behavior and attitude of parents towards themselves and the world around them.

​An important aspect of the teaching direction of the Mam School is Christian upbringing, which gives an opportunity to reflect on "good and evil", to discuss the meaning of the 10 commandments of God, which are relevant for today.

​There were very informative sessions on the psychology of the relationships between a man and a woman in marriage the essence of which was clearly and humorously conveyed to us by the American pastor, Mark Gangor. His lectures forced us to delve into ourselves,to understand the difference between the minds of men and women, and to relate much more easily to family life.

​Art therapy classes helped to develop the imagination,where we with the girls drew such a touching moment as a meeting with our part, our continuation, our baby. A pleasant atmosphere and relaxing music only promoted a productive work.

​An important place in the training was given to financial education, which is more important than ever today,because the ability to manage money is a guarantee of a comfortable existence, it is an opportunity to give children everything to the maximum in life. I learned about the 4 commandments of money, which I use successfully.

​Yoga helped to feel your body and inner world, relax between the contractions and gave us a charge of energy and also made it clear that pregnancy is not an obstacle to moderate physical exertion, which is so beneficial to the body.

​Nutrition classes during pregnancy were quite informative, because proper nutrition is a guarantee of health.

​And these are not all directions taught in the School.

​At the end of the classes there were interesting tests that gave an opportunity to summarize the knowledge gained. It is important that the classes are conducted by experienced specialists in their field.

​For me, a huge advantage was the agreement of the School's consultants to go to a meeting with their students,because I repeatedly could not attend classes at the set time in connection with the work, but the teachers always treated me with understanding.

​The final of the Moms School was graduation, where we together with the teachers had fun, thanked for a well-prepared program, traditionally had tea with a piece of delicious cake, received gifts,which please the eye and give memories of that carefree time, and also fell in love with our children. My Vladushka sleeps with pleasure in the crib, which I received as a gift from the Life Care Center.

​I would like to express my deep gratitude to the volunteers of Izmail Life Care Center. Thank you for your work, for your experience, for the knowledge gained in the classes, for the fact that you give a start to life for us and our children.Thank you that your Center exists!

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