Helping hand

Dina Dedkov who used to live in Izmail, has been living in the United States for many years.

After the birth of her daughter with special needs, she decided to support mothers, whose children were diagnosed with "autism." During her stay in Izmail, Dina had several meetings with disabled people and parents of special children. At these meetings, she talked about herself, shared her motivation to serve other people, despite her personal health problems.

Volunteers of Izmail Life Care Center arranged the meeting between Dina and mothers of children with special needs. During the usual yoga class mothers talked, asked questions, shared their experiences and joys. We hope that such meetings will inspire one of the mothers to begin to act in support of parents whose children have only recently been diagnosed. Our guest was very surprised that Anna is not the mother of a child with special needs, but so skillfully and lovingly brings them good and help.

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