Educational Work In Izmail Outpatient Women's Clinic

One of the statutory tasks of the work of the Izmail Life Care Center is cultural and educational work.

Cultural and educational activity is a progressive socially necessary activity, the purpose of which is the wide dissemination of various types of information that have priority at the established level of development of society. Cultural and educational activities are involved in virtually all areas of people's lives.

Izmail Life Care Center is a Christian non profit organization, whose purpose is to spread and approve Christian family values. Today there is a crisis of family culture. It is recorded according to statistics of marriages, divorces, abortions, extramarital childbirths. We believe that the crisis can be stopped if the social forces are activated in support of the preservation of Christian family values: love and sacrifice in family relations, childbearing and the upbringing of children in Christian traditions. We will stop the crisis if we stop accepting worldly substitution with certain humanistic ideas about freedom, tolerance and selfishness.

Perusing this purpose we installed a television set with video films in support of Life in the Women's clinic. Clients can watch clips about the intrauterine development of the child, pregnancy, the testimonies of women who have chosen life of their child, a video clip about the history and activities of the LCC.

Women's clinic is an outpatient facility where women spend a lot of time coming to see the doctor.among them are women in crisis pregnancies who, while waiting in line, can see the information, and make a decision in favor of life.

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