Birthdays in the Baby Orphanage

For the second year already, we have been celebrating Birthdays at the Izmail Baby house. Over the past year, many children were taken to families, someone, unfortunately, was transferred to a boarding school. We congratulated almost all the kids. At the beginning of that year, they did not know what they wanted to receive as a gift. This year, the older children were transferred to the older group, again in the group of almost 20 children (we work only with the older group). And again, the children dictated))) us their bucket lists. Everything is on it, like any children would want: dolls, cars, cleaning kit, dishes, phones and even a wallet with money! Thanks to everyone who sends money for gifts. This month these are Dasha and Anton Ivanov and Irina Zarudnyak. Friends, you are super!

At our holidays, we not only have fun, but also teach children to receive guests, congratulate, accept congratulations, give gifts and wishes, as well as make wishes and dreams. When the kids congratulate each other, it’s funny, cute and sad. "I wish you to find a nut, and it was whole inside." "I wish you mom and dad " "I wish you a big cake." "I wish you a good mom." "So that when your mother takes you, you don’t hang in your pants." "When mom takes me, I'll take you to us." In general, I cry and laugh during these congratulations. Love the kids!
Tanya, the volunteer.

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