Autism awareness day

April 2 - World Awareness Day on the problem of autism.

Autism is a biological disorder, and its causes are not yet fully understood, although the term "autism" was introduced into science by the Swiss psychiatrist Eigen Bleuler back in 1910,from Greek "αὐτός", which means "itself". The psychiatrist defined this concept as the "autistic withdrawal of the patient into the world of his own fantasies, any external influence on which is perceived as intolerable importunity."

Here neither the wealth, education, nor the social status of parents play a role. For a long time in the Soviet Union and even after its collapse there was no diagnosis of "autism" and therefore they did not receive help. Often such children are given a standard diagnosis of "mental retardation". What is the threat of this approach? Children with autism are not suited to the methods by which children with mental retardation are successfully engaged, so we can say that there will be no progress in children with autism in this case. Here the main point is missed: children with autism are not taught to live in society. And many of them are interested in communicating with other people but do not have the necessary skills.

For more than five years the volunteers of Life Care Center have been in contact with a group of children with special needs. We accept them, teach yoga classes, hold parties,support mothers. Parents try to interest them in communicating with people through clubs and sections. A paper embroidery is in great demand.

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