Art therapy class for future moms

I want to tell you how I was engaged in art therapy in courses for pregnant women at the School for Moms, about its benefits - without the slightest harm to health and how simple it really is. Psychological training courses for pregnant women are not everywhere, but we were lucky that there is a Life Care Center in the city and this is what they do.

And this is exactly what future mothers need. Thoughts about the unknown, constant scrolling in the head of possible scenarios and concern for the child create tension and affect the health of the baby. Art therapy during pregnancy will help to disconnect from all the negative. In Drawing or making something, a woman expresses herself. Those fears that she cannot talk about with her loved ones, and the negativity, even hidden from herself, will find a way out in her work and restore balance and harmony.

I was worried that I did not know how to draw, but this is completely unimportant in this case. It is important that I left the class enthusiastic and less stressed by fears and worries.

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